Jeff Tulloch spent his entire career in the Employee Benefits business, developing successful and scalable Financial Wellness solutions. He has unique insight into ‘what truly works’ for individuals and organizations having experience with thousands of corporations, the most prominent brokers/consultants, and Group Benefits Insurance carriers. His goal is to share this insight with Employee Benefit firms, Financial Wellness vendors/platforms, Financial Advisory firms, Brokers/Consultants, Corporations, Non-Profits and Private Equity firms to assist them in adding value to their businesses, in turn, helping people become more financially secure.

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Developing, Evolving and/or Transforming Financial Wellness Programs that Work and are Scalable

Our success in designing and growing financial wellness programs is grounded in knowing how to work within the “benefits ecosystem.” This ecosystem includes HR/Benefits professionals, Brokers/Consultants, 401(k) vendors, Insurance/Benefits providers – and the underlying employees/individuals within any organization. They all need to see value and benefit from the financial wellness program(s) – and Financial Wellness Consulting has experience accomplishing this – leading to successful financial solutions for all involved.

Why Consider Us

Financial Wellness Consulting has a unique combined expertise in:

  • Financial Wellness – understanding the vast and growing number of various vendors/platforms
  • Employee Benefits – deep understanding of the group benefits and retirement industry
  • Relationships – broad and strong connections across the financial wellness, broker/consultant and employee benefits industry